Presenting your research


Writing essays on medical history is a learned craft. To assist you with familiarising yourself with the techniques used, perhaps read an introductory text on studying history. Below is a reference list:

  • Black J and Macraild D (2017) Studying History, 4th edn. Palgrave, London
  • Curthoys A and McGrath A (2011) How to write history that people want to read. Palgrave Macmillan
  • We would be pleased to add personal reviews of any books you have used to this page. If you are interested in submitting a review, please get in touch, using the contact form  


When giving a lecture you need to prepare carefully and consider your audience. . Some lecturers read their script verbatim but this can be difficult to listen to and rarely engages the audience.

The Nobel Laureate Laurence Bragg has written some useful tips for lecturers 
Vol .PC-22 , No 1, March 1979

Here is a  link to a video about lecturing technique by David Kennedy,
Prof of History at Stanford University,

and here is another video on how to speak by Patrick Winston of MIT