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The following potentially useful primary and secondary sources for historical research are becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain, some being out of print.

The prices have been checked and aim to be competitive. However, if you see a book advertised at a lower price elsewhere, we can probably match the price.

Books can be taken to De Partu events for you, free of charge, or posted at a cost of £2.50 per book (or the exact cost of postage if very heavy). Payment may be made by cheque (payable to De Partu) or BACS transfer. To make a purchase, please contact Janette Allotey ( in the first instance.

The books can be browsed by category from the links below. New titles will be added from time to time. All books may be purchased from Amazon via the De Partu ‘store’.

History of midwifery
History of obstetrics 
History of health / women’s health / public health 
Government reports
History of medicine
Feminist perspectives

History of midwifery (see also History of medicine / Government reports / History of obstetrics)

Seventeenth century

Sharp, Jane ed. by Hobby, Elaine (1999)
The midwives book, or the whole art of midwifry discovered [1671]
New York: Oxford University Press
Hardback, good condition

Twentieth-century secondary sources

Donnison, Jean (1988)
Midwives and medical men: a history of the struggle for the control of childbirth, 2nd ed.
London: Historical Publications
Paperback, good condition

Moorhead, Joanna (1996)
New generations: 40 years of birth in Britain
London: HMSO / National Childbirth Trust
Paperback, very good condition

Twentieth-century primary sources

Campbell, Rona and Macfarlane, Alison (1994)
Where to be born? The debate and the evidence, 2nd ed.
Oxford, National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit
Paperback, very good condition

Garcia, Jo, Kilpatrick, Robert and Richards, Martin (eds.) (1990)
The politics of maternity care: services for childbearing women in twentieth-century Britain
Oxford: Oxford University Press
Paperback, fair condition, some pencil annotations

Kitzinger, Sheila (2005)
The politics of birth
Edinburgh: Elsevier
Paperback, crease across corner of front cover, otherwise good condition

Wagner, Marsden (1994)
Pursuing the birth machine: the search for appropriate birth technology
Campersdown, NSW: ACE Graphics
Paperback, excellent condition

Gaskin, Ina May (1977)
Spiritual midwifery, revised ed.
Summertown, TN: Book Publishing Company
Paperback, good condition

May, Anne (1994)
Epidurals for childbirth
Oxford: Oxford University Press
Paperback, very good condition

Kirkham, Mavis, ed. (1996)
Supervision of midwives
Hale: Books for Midwives
Paperback, very good condition

Jowitt, Margaret (1993)
Childbirth unmasked
Craven Arms: Peter Wooller
Paperback, very good condition

Beech, Beverley A Lawrence (ed.) (1996)
Water birth unplugged: proceedings of the First International Water Birth Conference
Hale: Books for Midwives
Paperback, excellent condition

Page, Lesley (ed.)(1995)
Effective group practice in midwifery: working with women
Oxford: Blackwell Science
Paperback, good condition

Midwifery textbooks

Myles, Margaret (1968)
A textbook for midwives, 4th ed.
Edinburgh: E & S Livingstone
Hardback, ex-library copy, good condition

Towler, Jean and Butler-Manuel, Roy (1973)
Modern obstetrics for student midwives
London: Lloyd-Luke
Hardback, good condition

History of obstetricssee also Midwifery

Rivière, Lazare, trans. by Culpeper, Nicholas (1678), ed. by Burton, John L (2005)
‘Six hundred miseries’: the seventeenth century womb
London: RCOG Press
Hardback, very good condition

Willughby, Percivall, ed. by Blenkinsop, Henry (1863), with a new intro. by Thornton, John L (1972)
Observations in midwifery
East Ardsley: S R Publishers
Hardback; pencil annotations on back endpapers, otherwise fair to good condition in dustjacket

Government reports

Turnbull, Alexander C et al. (1986)
Report on confidential enquiries into maternal deaths in England and Wales 1979-1981
Department of Health / Welsh Office
London: HMSO
Paperback, fair to good condition

Department of Health / Welsh Office / Scottish Home and Health Department / DHSS Northern Ireland (1991)
Report on confidential enquiries into maternal deaths in the United Kingdom 1985-87
London: HMSO
Paperback, ex-library in protective plastic binding

Hibbard, Bryan M et al. (1996)
Report on confidential enquiries into maternal deaths in the United Kingdom 1991-1993
Department of Health / Welsh Office / Scottish Home and Health Department / DHSS Northern Ireland
London: HMSO
Paperback, very good condition

Walker, Arnold L et al. (1960)
Report on confidential enquiries into maternal deaths in England and Wales 1955-1957
Ministry of Health
London: HMSO
Paperback, ex-library, well used

History of health / women’s health/public health

Batt, Sharon (1994)
Patient no more: the politics of breast cancer
London: Scarlet Press
Paperback, good condition

Green, Josephine M, Coupland, Vanessa A and Kitzinger, Jenny (1998)
Great expectations: a prospective study of women’s expectations and experiences of childbirth
Hale: Books for Midwives
Paperback, very good condition

Shorter, Edward (1983)
A history of women’s bodies
London: Allen Lane
Hardback, very good condition in dust jacket

Orr, Jean (ed.) (1987)
Women’s health in the community
Topics in community health
Chichester: Wiley
Paperback, good condition

History of medicine

Crainz, Franco (1997)
An obstetric tragedy: the case of Her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte Augusta
London: William Heinemann Medical
Hardback, excellent condition

Lloyd, G E R (ed. and intro.) (1978)
Hippocratic writings
London: Penguin
Paperback, ex-library, well used 50p

Rösslin, Eucharius (1526 / 1994)
When midwifery became the male physician’s province: the sixteenth-century handbook The rose garden for pregnant women and midwives, newly Englished
Jefferson, NC: McFarland
Hardback, excellent condition

Siraisi, Nancy G (1990)
Medieval and early Renaissance medicine: an introduction to knowledge and practice Chicago: Chicago University Press
Paperback, fair condition

Feminist perspectives (women/birth)

Stanton, Elizabeth Cady (re= printed 1974)
The woman’s Bible: Part I the Pentateuch; Part II Judges, kings, apostles and prophets
Seattle: Coalition Task Force on Women and Religion
Paperback, good condition, cover slightly faded

Ehrlich, Paul, Ehrlich, Anne H, and Daily, Gretchen C (1995)

The stork and the plow: the equity answer to the human dilemma
New Haven and London: Yale University Press
Paperback, excellent condition

Davies, Celia (1995)
Gender and the professional predicament in nursing
Buckingham: Open University Press
Paperback, excellent condition


Briggs, Asa et al. (1972)
Report of the committee on nursing
Cmnd 5115
London: HMSO
Paperback, some loose pages, otherwise fair condition

Boxed set:
Nightingale, Florence (1859, reprinted 1980)
Notes on nursing: what it is, and what it is not
Skeet, Muriel (1980)
Notes on nursing: the science and the art
Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone
Hardback in box, excellent condition

McBryde, Brenda (1979)
A nurse’s war
London: Chatto and Windus
Hardback, ex-library copy in dust jacket and plastic cover

Brown, R G S and Stones, R W H (1973)
The male nurse
Occasional papers on social administration 52
London: Bell and Co. / Social Administration Research Trust
Paperback, good condition

Briggs, Asa (1972)
Report of the Committee on Nursing
Cmnd. 5115
London: HMSO
Paperback, fair condition (some wear at ends of spine)