Guidelines for reviewers

A good review should contain a brief summary of the content of the book, with, if it is primarily a history book, an equally brief assessment of where it fits in the historiography of the subject. Adjust this advice to suit if it is a book from another academic discipline, locating it within its own literature.

You should describe your personal reaction to it, both intuitively and intellectually, remembering that you may also be an expert in its subject, and therefore may have access to recently-researched material that the author has not yet seen, possibly because the book has been a long time waiting in the pipeline, or possibly also because you haven’t yet published! If this is the case, be kind, at least to the author; do as you would be done by. Always be considerate of the effort expended in writing for publication; be honest and fair, and avoid partisanship of any kind (as if you wouldn’t!).

Finally, think about your readers, mainly fellow De Partu members, their interests, and whether you can recommend the book to them, and for what purpose.

… and all this in 400-600 words!

Good Luck! Alison

Book Review Template

  • Full title of book:
  • Image of book cover (where permitted)
  • Author(s) of book:
  • Date of publication:
  • Publisher:
  • Price of book:
  • ISBN number:
  • Please give a brief summary of the book, and a critique of its content, in 400-600 words, and submit in Word, or similar editable format, rather than as a PDF file.
  • Reviewer’s name, role/ place of work (if applicable)