Oral History

Oral history recordings provide a means of capturing history as it is perceived by individuals or groups of people who might not otherwise appear in the historical record.
They rely on the memory of individuals and may be less reliable than written documents, but they give the listener a sense of the personality of the interviewee and can provide a more vivid picture of historical events than written descriptions.

Oral histories may be transcribed or held in archives as audio or video files. Some have been made available on-line but others may only be accessible by visiting the holding archives.

Some on-line oral history recordings for physicians are at The Royal College of Physicians and for midwives at the Royal College of Midwives. The History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group has recorded both individual reminiscences and group discussions.

Other useful websites are :
British Library Oral History Collection
Oral History Society
both of the above offer training see details on their websites