Social Media

Is Social Media Good for History?
Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are widely used by historians. But does anyone benefit?
An introduction to some of the strengths and weaknesses of social media for the historian researcher
from History Today | Volume 70 Issue 2 February 2020
by Catherine Fletcher, Professor of History, Manchester Metropolitan University 

Types of Social media relevant to the HIstory of Medicine

1. Social networks
e.g. FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
To connect with individual people and groups online.

2. Media sharing networks
e.g. InstagramYouTube, Vimeo.
To find and share photos, video, live video, seminars and conference presentations online.

3. Discussion forums
e.g.  redditQuoraDigg
Discussion forums such as reddit have a history of medicine section.

4. Blogging and publishing networks
e.g. WordPressTumblrMedium
To publish, discover, and comment on content online.