James Young Simpson Lad o Pairts

James Young Simpson: Lad o Pairts

Published in June 2011 to mark the bicentenary of the birth of Simpson, a team of eminent academics draw out hitherto disregarded aspects the career and public life of James Young Simpson (1811-1870): his gynaecological research, his teaching role, his involvement in other medical controversies, his international reputation, and his many contributions to society as a whole through his interests in women’s health, in archaeology, and through his faith. The picture of Simpson that emerges is of a greatly-respected if somewhat belligerent polymath. Simpson’s life is presented not only in terms of his career, but also in relation to his contribution, even manipulation, of the changes that were occurring in both medicine and society.
Chapters by David Clarke, Marguerite Dupree, Vikki Hand, Rosemary Mander, Jo Murphy-Lawless, Malcolm Nicolson, Allison Nuttall, Constance Putnam, and Lawrence Weaver

£19.95 Kea Publishing

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