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Gill Rossini (2014) A history of adoption in England and Wales: 1850-1961
Reviewed by Dr Lindsay Reid

Earlier reviews

Sara Read (2015) Maids, wives, widows: exploring early modern women’s lives 1540-1740
Reviewed by Dr Julia Allison

David J Hallam-Jones (2013) The Firs Maternity Hospital, Nottingham, England: a short history
Reviewed by Dr Tania McIntosh

Angela Davis (2012) Modern motherhood: women and family in England, 1945-2000 Reviewed by Professor Rima D Apple

Anne Borsay and Billie Hunter (eds) (2012) Nursing and midwifery since 1700
Reviewed by Professor Mavis Kirkham

John Riddle (2010) Goddesses, elixirs and witches: plants and sexuality throughout human history
Reviewed by Professor Helen King

Thompson, Elizabeth (2001) The diary of a Kendal midwife 1669-1675
Reviewed by Dr Lindsay Reid

Eccles, Audrey (1982, reprinted 2008) Obstetrics and gynaecology in Tudor and Stuart England
Reviewed by Dr Lindsay Reid

Historical fiction/ creative non-fiction

Annelisa Christensen (2016) The Popish midwife – A tale of high treason, prejudice and betrayal
Reviewed by Terri Coates

Levy, Valerie (2010)  Midwyf Liza
Reviewed by Professor Mavis Kirkham







The books we review on this page need to be relevant to the aims of De Partu. I should like to emphasise, however, that ‘history’ and its research can cover any time; what happens today will be the history of tomorrow. I am hoping, therefore, that we will be able to cover quite a broad spectrum of books in our reviews over the coming months and years, including midwifery/childbirth historical fiction.

If you feel able to review for De Partu, please email me, preferably with your special interests noted, so that I can compile a list of potential reviewers across a range of subject areas. The written reviews are likely to be in the region of 500 words.

Books received and currently available for review are listed here. A proforma is provided for guidance on content and format.

I should be pleased to receive suggestions for books to review. Please email me at  with the title, author, year of publication and publisher.

Thank you,


Dr Alison Nuttall
Book Review Editor

It should be noted that opinions expressed in these reviews are solely those of the reviewers.

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